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Evictions can be traumatizing. Protect yourself by hiring Bay Area tenant attorneys who are experienced in eviction actions and protecting renter’s rights.

Because evictions are a legal process, the landlord must follow the law to evict you. Has your landlord given you adequate notice? A landlord cannot evict you by threatening you, telling you to move, or changing the locks and throwing your things into the street.

As experienced tenant attorneys, we know the law. The eviction process moves quickly. If you have been served with a 3-day notice, 30-day notice, or 60-day notice, immediately call the Law Offices of Mary Catherine Wiederhold.

Housing Violations

Is your home unsafe or uninhabitable? You can take steps to force the landlord to make your home fit for occupation. The law defines what makes a home safe and inhabitable. You pay rent for a habitable unit. Your landlord should follow the law.

As experienced Bay Area tenant lawyers, we can help you legally compel your landlord to fix your home. You have the right to live in a safe and habitable unit. To find out how to get your landlord to fix your housing violations, call the Law Offices of Mary Catherine Wiederhold.


A fire in your home can be devastating. As experienced Bay Area tenant attorneys, we know the laws that can help you with your distress.

If your home is under rent control, you have the right to return after the fire. A landlord must offer you back your home within 30 days after completing repairs. If the landlord refuses to allow you back in your home after the repairs and rents it to someone else, then your landlord has wrongfully evicted you.

Was the fire was caused by your landlord’s negligence? As experienced tenant attorneys, we can help you sue your landlord. Call the Law Offices of Mary Catherine Wiederhold to learn about your rights.


California law specifically prohibits a landlord from locking you out of your home, even if you have not paid rent or are breaking another lease clause. Your landlord is not allowed to use threats, intimidation, utility shutoffs, or attempts to physically remove you from your apartment. Landlords need to go through the eviction process in order to legally remove you from your home.

As experienced Bay Area tenant lawyers, we know how to handle your case. We’ve protected clients by suing the landlord for wrongful eviction and for the damage to personal property. If you are locked out of your home, call the Law Offices of Mary Catherine Wiederhold.


You need a lawyer who has experience filing lawsuits. Strict rules govern where and when a lawsuit is filed. Knowing these rules is critical to a successful lawsuit. Failing to comply with the rules may result in a judge dismissing your lawsuit altogether.

Filing a lawsuit is a huge undertaking. You should have experienced Bay Area tenant attorneys to work on your behalf. The Law Offices of Mary Catherine Wiederhold has more than 15 years of filing lawsuits on behalf of their tenant clients. As experienced tenant lawyers, we know what it takes to help you get justice.

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