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The Case of the Landlord Who Said He Would Move In But Didn’t

You’re forced to move. The landlord is evicting you for an owner move-in. Yet you go by your former home and it doesn’t seem like anyone is living there. You knock on the door and no one answers. You see junk mail addressed to you lying around and it has not been picked up in weeks. You wonder whether the landlord really moved in. How long do you have to take legal action?

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The Speed of Eviction

It’s surprising how fast evictions happen. The time from when you get your landlord’s notice to the sheriff putting a lock on your door can be only 60 days.

San Francisco passed Proposition F on June 5th with 56% voter approval. Now the City of San Francisco is to start funding eviction legal help for tenants who request it, but the initiative won’t go into effect immediately.

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Giving You a Fighting Chance with Prop F

A tenant facing eviction calls me. I show up in court, and the landlord changes his mind about evicting the tenant.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened. Landlords know when the tenant has legal representation, they’ve got someone with fighting for them.

According to the San Francisco Public Press, Attorney Carolyn Gold, who runs the pro-bono landlord-tenant program at the Justice & Diversity Center of the San Francisco Bar Association, also has experienced the same.

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A Win for Section 8 Tenants

The San Francisco City Attorney’s Office received a significant legal victory over a landlord and their agent earlier this month. Between May 2013 and May 2014, Chuck Post, agent for Lem-Ray Properties I DE, LLC (or Lem-Ray for short) ran ads on Craigslist and ApartmentsInSF.com for studio apartments at 935 Geary Street in San Francisco. The ads stated Section 8 vouchers would not be accepted.

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Don’t Get a Buyout from Your Landlord: Part 1

As an attorney, I’ve learned not to say “never.” There’s always exceptions.

Still, never accepting a buyout is a good rule of thumb.

A buyout is when your landlord offers you cash in exchange for you vacating your home. When landlord waves thousands of dollars in your face, it’s hard to think clearly. After all, that kind of thing doesn’t happen every day.

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The Case of the Complicated Agreement

The law can be complicated. That’s why I suggest tenants reconsider representing themselves in disagreements with the landlord.

A recent case, Sayta v. Chu, was heard by the Court of Appeal here in San Francisco. It’s a notable case to post about in this blog because it demonstrates how complicated the law can be.

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