Threatened with an Eviction? Timing is critical. You should act fast. Call our Law Offices to learn how to defend yourself. We help people with:

  • 3-Day Notice
  • 30-Day Notice
  • 60-Day Notice
  • Unlawful Detainer

Housing Violations

Landlord refuses to make repairs? Learn your tenant rights. You may be able to take legal action. You may be able to sue for back rent and force the landlord to make repairs. We help people with:

  • Housing Code Violations
  • Health & Safety Code Violations
  • Habitability Issues


Fire destroyed your home? Did you suffer damages? Find out from an experienced tenant lawyer if you are able to take legal action to recover your losses. We help people with:

  • Landlord Negligence
  • Housing Violations
  • Fire Code Violations

Experienced Tenant Attorney

Mary Catherine Wiederhold represents only tenants. She has more than 12 years of experience in litigating for tenants in all areas of landlord-tenant law. She defends a wide range of clients faced with eviction actions. She files lawsuits on behalf of tenants and defends tenants in landlord-initiated lawsuits. She has fought for tenant rights in cases involving wrongful evictions, fire, housing code violations, and landlord negligence.

Mary Catherine Wiederhold’s integrity, attention to detail and overarching constant concern for her clients’ well-being is absolutely extraordinary. I am extremely grateful for the professional excellence she has shown me.
– M.G.

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